‘Unknown’: similar to ‘The Bourne Identity’?

Last week, my roommate and I went and watched the movie Unknown. Overall, the film had action and suspense with some thrilling sequences like a car chase but I began to notice something familiar with the story line.This familiarity, as my roommate pointed out, was spot on. The film had a similar story line as Matt Damon’s film The Bourne Identity.

The film stars Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris, who goes to Berlin with his wife Liz(January Jones) for a conference and he ends up forgetting his briefcase at the airport. Hoping into a taxi, he heads to the airport to retrieve the item when things took a turn for the worst. They crash into the river and he suffers serious head trauma and goes into a coma. Waking up three days later, he can’t remember his past memories. He remembers who he is and that he needs to get back to his wife. He goes back to the hotel and finds his wife, who has no idea who he is and to make it worse another man(Aidan Quinn) has taken his identity. Feeling lost, alone, and confused, he tries to find his taxi driver to see what she remembers of the accident and where he was going when they crashed. He finds her and she decides after much persuasion to help him. Her name is Gina(Diane Krueger).

Unknown movie poster

Danger approaches both of them when two bad guys have been following him and trying to kill him. There is an epic car chase between one of the guys and Martin and Gina. With the help of an elderly gentleman named Jurgen(Bruno Ganz), Martin and Gina try to get his life back to the way it was. Later in the film, Jurgen has an encounter with a professor who Martin went to college with named Rodney(Frank Langella) and ends up killing himself because he did not want to share any information with him. Rodney meets up with Martin at the airport where he finds his briefcase with his passport that proves his identity. Rodney takes Martin back to his car and ends up beating him up and taking him to a parking garage. There, he tells him the truth: he was an assassin. His real name is not Martin Harris. After Gina comes and saves the day, they discover that this was true. They find a dozen of passports with his picture and different names. Also, his wife’s passports too. He remembers everything now and realizes that he set up a bomb in the hotel that his wife is at and that they were going to take out the professor(Sebastian Koch) that invited him to the conference because they were going to steal his research that is worth billions of dollars. He ends up going to the hotel and telling the police that there is a bomb up in the room where the party was and they end up getting everyone out of there just before the bomb went off, killing Liz, who was trying to turn it off. He has a stand-off with the other man who was pretending to be Martin Harris and ends up killing him.

Overall, the movie was pretty good but I was upset that it had pretty much the same plot as the The Bourne Identity. Matt Damon does not know his identity and tries to figure it out and has the help from a lady friend. Sounds similar right? That was the major disappointment I had. Also, the ending was left open for sequels, just like The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. If you liked the film, Taken, then you will like this movie. All in all, it was Taken meets The Bourne Identity.


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